There Will Be Blood | Victory Speech (split)

by Brothers In Blood

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released December 19, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Brothers In Blood Den Haag, Netherlands

Brothers In Blood was formed back in 1998. Despite the several line-up changes since its formation, the band has been touring actively, sharing stages with Ignite, Biohazard, Bane, H2O, DBD & many more. They've released a demo (PLHC 1998), the full-length album "Take Your Life Back" the latest EP called "As Time Goes By" produced by Joey Z (Life Of Agony). Drinking, joking, having fun!!! ... more

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Track Name: There Will Be Blood
Awakening, fear fills the heat
So hard to tell if this is real
All you can see is greed and misery
Hatred 's leaking through the pipes of hell

There will be blood, beware my friends
There will be blood, spilled from you and me
There will be blood, accept insanity
There will be blood, god pushed this destiny

No tomorrow, it’s the age of sorrow
It's far beyond your darkest dreams
Believe & follow, your life is not thorough
Salvation comes - just trust the liturgy

Time to... release your demons
Time to... face the evil
Time to... pay your price
Time to... say goodbye
Track Name: Lubrication
Wicked are our days
Some lost their passion
Distracted, blatant ways
Insane affection

Reality is filled with tension
Ferociousness, humiliation

Seems we're losing it
It's a wild direction
Machines are grinding us
No lubrication

Wake free

We won’t live forever
We won’t rewrite this chapter

Death or liberty
Hazardous action
Deep in the human minds
Lays resurrection
Track Name: No Regrets
If I look back in my days
Trust me brother, there's no regret
When I wake up nowadays, my back is aching
Still no regrets

Don’t give a damn
No regrets!
Look at me, I have no regrets

Sure we’ve done few stupid things
But that is life, no, no regrets
We have heard what people said
Fuck that, drink up, no regrets

Have no regrets
Don’t give a damn
Have no regrets

Don't give a damn
Look at me, I am who I am
Track Name: Photographic*
A white house, a white room
The program of today
Lights on, switch on
Your eyes are far away
The map represents you
And the tape is your voice
Follow all along you
Till you recognize the choice

I take pictures
Photographic pictures

Bright light
Dark room
Bright light
Dark room

I said I'd write a letter
But I never got the time
And I'm looking to the day
I mesmerize the light

The years I spend just thinking
Of a moment we both knew
A second boss looking into
It seems it can't be true